History of La Iguana Eco Resort

La Iguana Eco Resort is a family project that began 18 years ago as an alternative in a small dairy farm located in Churuquita Grande to the crisis in the dairy market caused by the withdrawal of the Nestlé-one buyer – the area north of the district Penonomé. The owners bet on the other hand, assuming the risks involved in an activity unknown to them as was the agro-ecological tourism. In the next two years the small farm experienced a profound change: the cattle were removed completely, pastures were planted with timber trees, there were gardens everywhere, deep wooded ravines so common in this part of geography, were enabled as nature trails, wildlife was reinforced by the successful implementation of reforestation program iguana, titi monkey and agouti, the old dairy facilities, galleys, shackles, water fountains, etc. – was given a new use according to the new functionality.

On February 16, 1996 the lodge finally opened its doors offering a varied and innovative proposal tourist: hiking, adventure and good food. The acceptance was immediate. The first week was visited by over 2000 people. At the end of the first year visitors were already at 30,000.

In the next sixteen years the trees have grown to touch the sky, wildlife has been installed and walks freely, water sources have increased transparency and hosting infrastructure and food have been modernized while maintaining its essence setting, environmental and family.

The tourist complex La Iguana Eco Resort is an alternative for those people that are looking for a different way to enjoy theirs vacations, weekends or spare time; in contact with the nature, without staying to far from the capital. We offer you a variety of activities tranquil hikes for beautiful pathways.

La Iguana Eco Resort is located in the community of Churuquita Grande, 14 km from Penonomé city and 2 hours and 20 minutes from the capital, the road between Penonomé and Churuquita Grande is in perfect conditions and also all along the route you can see beautiful landscapes with green mountains.


We offer our guests stay comfortable and safe, we have 8 rooms have been designed taking into account the characteristics of our visitors is primarily the family, retirees and couples.

Hotel Activities La Iguana Eco Resort

We have nature trails and children comfortable retirement villages of trees and varied wildlife in the free state, trails that require more effort such as the way to Lagartero and path of the cafe where visitors can come into direct contact with a coffee plantation and enjoy the waters of the Rio Zarati and we offer our main attraction is the path of the Three jets that requires a little more physical and planning, here the tourists progressed to a deep and steep canyon carved over time by the Seren mighty river, here the tourists can enjoy the most whimsical and interesting waterfalls.

We also have for all our customers a system of spring water you harbor radiated by gardens and lush trees creating an almost magical.


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